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 What do Esoteric  Students think about WAR?

Messages from  several Esoteric  Forum around the Web

Writers of published messages are alone responsible for statements made

The Rosicrucian Teachings tell us that it is wrong for us
to be the aggressor in any situation

I believe the Rosicrucian Teachings tell us that it is wrong for us
to be the aggressor in any situation. We are taught to act out of
love and to practice the Golden Rule. In addition, our democratic way
of life tells us that any man is innocent until proven guilty. With
all this said, it is my opinion that we cannot and must not make the
first move. If we are attacked first, then we have every right to
defend ourselves against harm and potential further attack. But it is
a violation of our dearest Teachings and the example set by our
leader Christ to attack, start hostilities, or harm anyone except in
the case of self-defense (and even there we must be careful to act in
a way that is as Christ-like as possible). This may be a tough stance
for us to take and practice, but we must do what is right, not what
is easy.

Thank you.

Allen Edwall (ROSENET)

In these times we are required to use a very
sharp discernment to determine if we have a clearcut case of
aggression by an identifiable enemy.

Dear Friends,

There is no better question to ask at this time.  It is interesting
to examine the Heindel literature on this subject, and then to
consider if anything has changed since Heindel's time that
would modify Heindel's viewpoint or yours or mine.  

I agree with Allen.  In these times we are required to use a very
sharp discernment to determine if we have a clearcut case of
aggression by an identifiable enemy.  I do not believe that we have
justification for war at this time.  Nevertheless, we have a responsibility
that could in the future require us to defend ourselves and others.

For interesting reading, see The Rosicrucian Philosophy in Questions
and Answers, Vol II, pages 543-545.  I have attached an excerpt for

Peace to all,  Elizabeth Hays (ROSENET)

Click in  the following link to read excerpts of that article written during the 1st. World War in the last century.



People of good will are free to march in the streets, contact their senators and/or congressmen, Ministers of Parliament, etc. and voice their opposition to a particular war.

People of good will are free to march in the streets, contact their senators and/or congressmen, Ministers of Parliament, etc. and voice their opposition to a particular war.

 As students of the RF Teachings, we have been privileged to have been given insights into the underlying causes of the conditions about us here in the physical world.

Protesting any war, may be a laudable pursuit from the material perspective, but we must also ask the question, "What unique insight has the RF Teachings provided concerning this matter? What is the unique contribution to be made as a result of this insight?"

 Unfortunately, the emails posted thus far concerning the imminent "next war" fail to approach the matter in a manner that is unique to the RF Teachings. So, here is my attempt to address the matter:

 The enemy to be fought is not any particular war, but the underlying conditions that necessitate warfare in our era. Max Heindel was very clear on the matter.The "enemy" is the materialism that pervades our culture. It is materialism that necessitates large-scale disasters, such as earthquakes, storms and even wars. Sadly, it has become necessary for a portion of our population to be violently separated from their physical vehicles in the prime of their lifetimes. Why is this so? It is only by this shocking experience that the reality of the inner planes and the spiritual truths of existence can be implanted in their seed-atoms, so that in future embodiments, they will not be impeded from further evolutionary progress by excessive materialism.

 The RF was, and is, a last-ditch effort of the Elder Brothers to combat the disastrous effects of materialism. If we wish to effectively combat warfare, let's collaborate in our efforts to promulgate the RF Teachings.

 To that end, I have been working on an email project that is designed to spread the RF Teachings on a relatively large scale, and solicit inquiries concerning its details.

 Fly by night,

Bob Jacobs (ROSENET)


"War is a crime against peace which cries for vengeance before God,"War in Iraq a crime, says Vatican

I would like to share some excepts from Vaticano about the present WAR

In fellowship,

Alexandre David (ROSENET)

MILITARY intervention against Iraq would be a crime against peace
demanding vengeance before God, the head of the Vatican's Pontifical
Council for Justice and Peace has said.

"War is a crime against peace which cries for vengeance before God,"
said Archbishop Renato Raffaele Martino, speaking on Vatican Radio.

He stressed the deeply unjust and immoral nature of war, saying it was
condemned by God because civilians were the worst sufferers.

Martino, formerly Vatican permanent representative to the United
Nations,strongly denounced the determination of the United States and
its allies to disarm Iraq by force.

"Do not reply with a stone to the child who asks for bread," he said.

"They are preparing to reply with thousands of bombs to a people that
has been asking for bread for the last 12 years."

Stressing the Roman Catholic church would continue to insist on the
need and the urgency of peace, he said: "As always, it will be the
Good Samaritan who will bind the wounds of a wounded and weakened

Pope John Paul II, one of the most prominent opponents of war on Iraq,
urged UN Security Council members yesterday to continue negotiations
on the disarmament of Iraq and avert a looming military conflict.

"I want to remind UN members and particularly those who make up the
Security Council that the use of force is the last resort after having
exhausted all peaceful solutions, as stipulated by the UN charter,"
the Pope told tens of thousands of worshippers gathered in St Peter's

"I lived through World War II and I survived the Second World War.
For this reason, I have the duty to say 'Never again war'.

"We know that it is impossible to say peace at any price, but we all
know how important our responsibility is."


demonstrators opposing to war in practically the whole world and their
governments (most of them "democracies") are incredibly ignoring the desire
of the people who voted for them.

demonstrators opposing to war in practically the whole world and their
governments (most of them "democracies") are incredibly ignoring the desire
of the people who voted for them.

But the most important point that we should keep in mind is that the climax
of violence that we are living now, the thoughts of hatredness that this war
is generating among "enemies" of both sides, among people who support and
who is against this war, and among the spirits who are dying on the field of
battle with thoughts of revenge (in spite of the work of the invisible
helpers) : This fact is TREMENDOUS, astonishing if we stop to think about
it. Only having in mind these lasts facts, it's very difficult for me to
find a valid reason to support (even to deal with the idea of) a war. I
believe that, in our actual materialistic stage of evolution, governments
(and the people which represents) does not respond yet completely to the
"humanitarian ideals" in these kind of conflicts, but there are very likely
a lot of "hidden" economical and political reasons behind an event as the
one we are discussing.

I recognize and respect that there are different opinnions for this war. I
think this war is a collective effect that a very large part of the world
have to go through, that is probably inevitable. But on the light of the
events and of our teachings, I personally found no arguments that can
succesfully support the attacks of this last days.

In fellowship,

Gustavo Van Humbeeck (ROSENET)

A good advice

Although I am not at work, which is where my source letter is, I
recall reading this past week a Probationer Letter written by Mrs.
Heindel back in 1941 concerning why it was impossible then for the
Teacher to make disciples of anyone. In that letter she stated that
it was in the best interests of all concerned that each Probationer
take a neutral stance toward any sort of politics. She told us that
we were to express love and brotherhood to all, without taking any
side. This I personally found to be good advice. And since it came
from the wife of our founder, I think she knows what she is talking
about. When I get back to work on Monday, perhaps I can quote the
sentence or two word for word. Until then, let us try to live up to
these high ideals. That is my suggestion.

Thank you.

Allen Edwall(ROSENET)


Would a war against Iraq be just?

Editor Note: This article has just sent by  Magno Vidal (ROSICRUCIANISM)

By Bruce Duncan

If key members of the government are to be believed, Australia seems
headed for war against Iraq. Yet in contrast to the debate leading up
to the 1991 war against Iraq, there has been practically no mention
of the traditional conditions for waging war.

Why is this? I would suggest the reason is that just-war theory does
not support a new war against Iraq.

Application of the just-war criteria is seldom clear-cut, but if we
have learned anything from the wars of the last century, it is that
we should be quite certain that war is the very last resort.

War is rarely an easy option, can inflict great hardship on our own
military and their families even over generations, involves killing
and destruction on sometimes a vast scale, and often leads to
unpredictable consequences.

In a democracy, public debate should be open, vigorous and exacting.

We have only to think of the lies and manipulation of public opinion
at the time of the Vietnam War to steel our determination not again
to be misled, at the cost of so many lives.

The Australian Foreign Minister, Mr Downer, is arguing that we will
face a war against Iraq unless it allows UN inspectors to determine
that it is not developing weapons of mass destruction. He talked of
war as a last resort, but that Australia would consider any US
request for assistance against Iraq.

He warned "that only a fool would support a policy of appeasement" of
Iraq, and insisted that the world must enforce international law and
UN resolutions against that country.

"The world cannot and must not stand idly by while Iraq develops and
manufactures weapons of mass destruction" (Australian 17/7).

The Minister for Defence, Senator Hill, even declared that Australia
would join the US in a preemptive first strike against Baghdad
(Sydney Morning Herald 19/6).

How do these positions stand up against the just-war criteria?


The US-led war against Iraq in 1991 in defence of Kuwait was widely
accepted as meeting the conditions of a just war.

Currently, however, there is no just cause like this. As the military
historian, John Keegan, conceded recently, there is no casus belli
(Age 17/7).

Iraq has not attacked any other country. Nor has there been any
evidence produced that Iraq was connected with the al Qaeda attacks
on the US.

Ironically US animosity is directed against the secularist regime in
Iraq, while Saudi Arabia, where the militant Islamist groups were
spawned and funded, remains an ally.

We are told that Iraq is developing weapons of mass destruction, but
were Saddam to use them against another country, he would invite
massive and rapid retaliation.

However, he might well use them if he faced certain and imminent
defeat, and decided to `go out with a bang'.

This is precisely the scenario which is developing, and hence western
military intervention may actually provoke the outcome it is
ostensibly portending to prevent.

Indeed, the US warned Britain earlier this year that an attack on
Iraq was likely to promote a biological counterattac.

kDoes its possessing such weapons justify war against Iraq? Mr Downer
recalled that Saddam used chemical weapons against the Kurds (in
March 1988, killing 5000) and Iranian troops, but omitted to mention
that at the time he was a US ally, and that the US and other western
countries continued to supply him with plans and the means to make
such weapons until he invaded Kuwait, threatening western oil

No wonder Muslim nations see western condemnation of Iraq on human
rights' grounds as deeply hypocritical.

Does the possession of such weapons mean that the US intends to
intervene militarily in other countries with such weapons, notably
North Korea, India and Pakistan, to say nothing of Israel and China?
Patently not.

These countries see such weapons of mass destruction as a means of
deterrence, as presumably does Iraq.

Resumption of weapons' inspections would allow the world to restrict
or eliminate Iraq's capability in such weapons, and would allow the
process of containment of Iraq to continue. Even without weapons'
inspectors, and presuming that Iraq did develop such weapons, even
nuclear weapons, it is hard to see how this over-rides the
presumption against war.


Saddam has been rightly condemned as a war criminal guilty of great
atrocities, even against his own people.

But does this give any western power the right to launch war against
Iraq? Does this mean the US is claiming a right to intervene
militarily in any country with such a ruler or regime? This would
mean jettisoning the system of international law and the conflict
resolution processes around the UN.

One would have to question whether this met the just-war criteria of
acting with right authority, which ideally should come from the UN.


President Bush recently declared that the US henceforth would adopt a
first-strike response to threats against it.

The Australian Minister for Defence, Senator Hill, supported this
shift in military strategy, but the implications are quite alarming.

First, it means abandoning the whole deterrence strategy that brought
some stability and predictability to the Cold War, allowing time for
a peaceful resolution.

The first-strike doctrine removes this element of predictability and
greatly increases the likelihood of conflict as decisions may have to
be made rapidly under intense pressure on the basis of skimpy and
unreliable information.

Second, the first-strike doctrine means that the US would presumably
be acting unilaterally, assuming an imperial role as the world's
dominant superpower.

In this case, it would be squandering a unique opportunity to nurture
a world culture based on the values of liberal democracy in a firm
framework of international governance.


As was pointed out in The Catholic Weekly editorial (Sanctions on
Iraq, CW 4/8), the excessively stringent economic sanctions in Iraq
resulted in the deaths of half a million children under the age of
five by August 1999, according to a UNICEF report.

The exact figures are difficult to determine and are disputed.
However, there is no doubt that huge numbers of innocent civilians
died, despite the repeated pleas of the Pope and other religious and
world leaders to ease the sanctions.

The new so-called `smart' sanctions try to avoid such catastrophic
results, although Saddam himself must take much of the blame for the
huge death-toll.

Nevertheless, the western sanctions were unnecessarily harsh and, in
the view of many, amount to a war crime which demands thorough
investigation. The silence of our political leaders and media about
all this is thunderous.

The most glaring instance of double standards is, of course, US
policy towards Israel which, with billions of dollars of US aid, has
continued to expand its settlements through the occupied West Bank.
Had the positions been reversed, would the US have tolerated and
helped fund continual harassment of Israelis, with Palestinian
helicopter gunships, fighter aircraft and tanks firing into civilian
areas? Such a disproportionate use of military force does not justify
Palestinian militants murderously targeting innocent civilians. But
it is no wonder so many people in the Middle East feel intense
outrage about what they perceive as double standards when the US
ignores UN resolutions on Israel but invokes them to support war
against Iraq.


As a close ally, Australia has an added responsibility to scrutinise
US decisions on Iraq carefully against the just-war criteria. What
has been alarming, though, is the way our political leaders have
talked up the prospect of war, encouraging a hawkish outcome to the
US debate.

Australia should be offering genuinely independent advice to its
ally, urging caution and moderation, especially when most European
leaders oppose US military intervention.

Is the Australian government now intending to `go it alone' with the
United States (and perhaps Britain) against Iraq? It would be truly
lamentable for Australian politicians to exploit the Iraq war for
partisan political objectives.

* Bruce Duncan CSsR lectures in war and peace studies at Yarra
Theological Union in Melbourne and works as a consultant at Catholic
Social Services Victoria.



Editor Note: These  statments written by Ralph M. Lewis has just sent by  Magno Vidal (ROSICRUCIANISM)


I am guilty of war when I proudly exercise my intellegence to the disadvantage of my fellow man.

 I am guilty of war when I distort other's opinions which differ from my own.

 I am guilty of war when I show disregard for the rights and properties of others.

 I am guilty of war when I covet what another has honestly acquired.

 I am guilty of war when I seek to maintain my superiority of position by depriving others of their opportunity of advancement.

 I am guilty of war if I imagine my kin and myself to be a priveleged people.

 I am guilty of war if I believe a heritage entitles me to monopolize resources of nature.

 I am guilty of war when I believe other people must think and live as I do.

 I am guilty of war when I make success in life soley dependent upon power,fame and riches.

 I am guilty of war when I think the minds of people should be regulated by force,rather than by reason.

 I am guilty of war when I believe the God I conceive is the one others must accept.

I am guilty of war when I think that a land of man's birth must necessarily be the place of his livelihood.


I call it the " sham war", or war of shame!

Hello mate,
I call it the " sham war", or war of shame!

If you've kept up with whats been going on with others, you realise that
practically the whole world is against war period!

I feel there is a small movement " stirring the shit". So to try and win the
heart of the nation. Like some used to do in the '60's on ban the bomb
rallies in London, they'd send in specials dressed as students to cause a
fight. By this unrest they could then call in the police as a legal deterrent
to suppress it by force.

I've noticed on some of these " interactive" shows about " Iraq", that there
seem to be some on the same " tack".

I don't follow this thing so much as I know the drawbacks. To become too
deeply involved means reason flies like the wind. When reason has gone it
then becomes a slanging match which just provokes others. I know you are
right, and I feel righteously angry about it as well. But I also firmly
believe that the best time to be of real service to the beleagered in this
very unfair affair, is when the shooting stops!

This is the time for people who care to follow up after the soldiers have

-Clive Anderson (ROSICRUCIANISM)


Suggestion For World Peace Meditation

Dear friends,

The world faces difficult moments. Everything seems ready for a
military conflict of unknown proportions. We ALL share a common
responsibility and we should respond in the best way of our
possibilities. Our thought have power. Thoughts of people from
different places of the world gathered towards peace can have a
tremendous impact in the course of events.

In the following pamphlet you will find the Rosicrucian Fellowship´s
vision of this fact and a practical recommendation.

Suggestion For World Peace Meditation

In light and love,

-Gustavo Van Humbeeck (ROSELEARN)


Blessed are the Peace Makers.


It is a fact, that human beings throughout the world have come to realization that warfare between countries is no longer necessary, and that physical violence is no longer acceptable conduct as a means toward peaceful ends. Throughout the world people have awakened to the conviction an ideal way of life for humanity does not include the right of any government to wage war or cause unnecessary bloodshed. It is simply barbaric, outmoded behavior, to which no longer shall any country have the right to wage war on another because it is time warfare itself and those who promote such conduct to become extinct.
It is also apparent that the governments of the world have maintained a form of ignorant Pomposity that has been ignoring the right of their people to work together in living peaceful lives. It is time the governmental officials bow down to the will of the people who place them in office, from whom the governments derive their powers, to find peaceful means to solve their problems, other than resorting to violence or murder as a problem solving means of conduct for governmental conduct. Endangering the lives of the people will no longer be tolerated nor allowed.
It is the right of the people in any land to depose any governmental official that promotes war instead of finding peaceful means to conduct their countries affairs, if those holding high office fail to recognize the error of outmoded ways through promoting or practicing violence among the nations. Those who do not grant recognition of the peoples right to live in peace, are convicted by their threatening behaviors, to be unfit to hold office and should therefore either remove themselves from office or face impeachment to be removed by the peoples vote.
During the past five months I have been sending letters to president Bush, regarding the rightful place of Church function to be equal to that of state. The church has the right to wage peace instead of war, as one of the twin powers whose responsibilities are to serve the peoples physical, spiritual, moral, and human needs.
President Bush was provided with the solution of how to end the problem in Iraq without using military force or shedding drop of blood. The solution proposed to him was that the Church was capable of initiating peace instead of war. Wherein the Christian and the Moslem clerics could have gotten together and used both the New Testament principles and those written in the Koran, to let their voice be heard unto the Governments according to religious principles written in their Holy Books. The ministers, priests and clerics of both religions could have demanded the officials leave office for violations of religious laws, having proven themselves no longer fit to least people because their violent behavior is unacceptable under religious laws.
These suggestions to President Bush were written and proposed, prior to his final decision that has led to military actions that were not necessary to be employed, once he had been notified a peaceful means of conduct could have been employed.
He was also granted the opportunity to sign a peace treaty with the Oldest Priesthood in the world, which is that of Melchizedek, which has existed prior to the founding of the three religions that came forth from the seed of Abraham who received the Blessing of the Melchizedek Priesthood, from whom later emerged the Levitical religion, the Moslem religions and the Christian faith. Abraham was the father of the tribes from whom all three religious groups came but Melchizedek was he whom passed the Rainbow covenant of Noah unto Abraham who made Abraham his priest. That priesthood was passed down through Isaac and Jacob who was Israel, unto Judah and Joseph equally, who were delegated to be the tribes to lead the brother tribes as those of the prophets and kings who were to guide the ways of Righteousness and of Peace.
The peace treaty proposed to the Office of the President from the Office of the Priesthood employed the model of its cooperation to be based upon the Declaration of Independence of the United States, to promote the principles therein regarding brotherly conduct among mankind and the nations as in the Biblical necessity of fulfillment of the gathering together once again, the separated tribes.
This simple imperative of life, to do unto others, what one would want done to ones self and the reverse of that which is, to not do unto others what one would not like done to them, is the model for future conduct for individuals and Nations to observe. That in fulfillment of the United Nations Creed, " Let the swords be beaten into plow shares and the spear be made into pruning hooks, and neither teach nor practice war anymore."
This applies to both religious conduct and that of governments, as the Standard and Ensign has been set before the Nations as written in Isaiah by the Priesthood of Melchizedek, for all nations and religions to cooperate with one another in the ways of peace. For all who wish to join us living individually under the standards which we propose, let peace made between the nations and peoples and religions now and put aside the ways and the weapons that make war.
"Blessed are the Peacemakers for they shall be called the Children of the Most High God."

Foundation of Melchizedek  (SPIRITUAL SCIENCE)


Protests Erupt Coast-to-Coast:

By Siobhan McDonnough, The AP

WASHINGTON (March 20) - Anti-war protesters blocked morning traffic
in Washington, San Francisco and Philadelphia and chanted ''no blood
for oil'' outside the White House on Thursday in reaction to U.S.
military strikes against Iraq.

As many as 150 demonstrators temporarily shut down the inbound travel
lanes of one of Washington's Potomac River crossings, snarling rush-
hour traffic. Some 50 demonstrators bicycled through downtown
Washington carrying signs that said, ''Bikes not Bombs.'' Three
people were arrested.

''There are many, many people here and around the world that are
opposed to this war,'' said Dana Hubbard, 54, of Washington.

Outside the White House, about 50 anti-war protesters gathered in the
chilly rain, shouting ''no blood for oil!'' Police blocked
Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House to protesters and

In San Francisco, at least 175 protesters were arrested after
blocking streets and snarling traffic across the city, police said.
Police and firefighters used power saws to separate protesters linked
with metal pipes.

Protesters in Philadelphia blocked the entrances to the downtown
federal building, forcing police to detour motorists around the area.
About 100 were arrested.

''I'm here because this war is going to lead to the deaths of
hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizens solely because of the United
States' greed for oil,'' said one demonstrator, Rebecca Johnson, 23,
of Philadelphia.

Not every demonstrator opposed the military action. While many
students at Brown University in Providence, R.I., held signs
denouncing war, Alec O'Neill stood at the edge of the crowd, wearing
a handmade T-shirt that read, ''I am threatened by Iraq.'' On the
back were the words ''Regime change now.''

''We are taking on a real and present threat,'' said O'Neill, 21, of
Red Hook, N.Y.

Several polls taken before the strikes began found that about two-
thirds of Americans supported the war, but most preferred winning
U.N. support before an attack.

Just outside of Washington, more than 2,000 students walked out of
classes at Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Md. They
circled the school playing drums, guitars and even a trombone.

''These demonstrations are going to go on and on and on,'' said
Nathan Paulsen, 23, as he gathered for a rally at the University of
Minnesota. ''We're going to raise the social and political costs of
this war so high that they are going to have to put down the guns and
stop the bombing raids eventually.''

The call for protests, walkouts and marches Thursday followed a day
of intense anti-war rallying by people in small towns, big cities and
rural outposts decrying war just hours before the United States began
its attack.

''I am very ashamed to be an American right now,'' Lydia Riley, 63,
of Washington said Wednesday. ''There's been nothing but lies and
misrepresentations by the Bush administration.''

Riley joined about 200 demonstrators, some wearing red dye on their
faces and clothes to represent anticipated Iraqi civilian casualties,
blocking rush hour traffic as they marched from a park near the White
House to Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld's house in Northwest

Demonstrators were arrested after sitting down on the street in front
of the White House and blocking entrances to government buildings in
other cities.

In Carson City, Nev., hundreds of flag-waving veterans and others
gathered outside the state's legislative building to back U.S.
military personnel poised to attack Iraq.

Message posted in CHRISTIAN ROSENKREUTZ by
Kanefer Anpu

Violence breeds hate. Hate breeds violence. It is a descending spiral into

Dear Members,

An impression that I have received from reading some of the posts on this
list is that some people think that the 1st Ray equates with *physical
aggression*. And that because (esoterically speaking) the 1st Ray is a
significant influence in the world today that aggression must be used to
solve our problems. But the 1st Ray is associated with Political Will -
which does not necessarily need to result in violence. Political Will
(demonstrating along the line of 1-3-5-7) basically involves the mental body
(5) intensely focussed towards achieving some envisaged goal which then
leads to physical plane effects (7). Aggression and violence is one
possibility if the energy of Love-Wisdom (flowing along the line of 2-4-6)
is not also included in the equation. The twin serpents entwined in the
Caduseus (or staff) of Hermes is an apt symbol of the balanced relationship
that needs to be achieved between the 1-3-5-7 'serpent' and the 2-4-6

The 1st ray Political Will needs to find a forum of Understanding and
Co-operation so that the Staff of Hermes does not become unbalanced and
degenerate into a conflagration of uneccessary violence. The UN potentially
is one such forum.

When Alice Bailey wrote her political/esoteric writings it was in the
context of WWII when Germany (and its allies) were the aggressors - trying
to dominate the world.

It is likely (I think) to appear to some nations and peoples that today it
is the 'Coalition of the willing' who are trying to control the world using
violence. And I suspect that there will be severe repercussions for the
world that the Bush administration cannot yet see.

Violence breeds hate. Hate breeds violence. It is a descending spiral into

One only needs to look at the Israel-Palestine situation to see that.

If I recall correctly, Alice Bailey mentioned that the Jewish people were a
microcosm of Humanity (as a whole). "He embodies, in himself, symbolically,
the history of humanity." [EPI, p 399] It certainly seems to me that our
world is turning into a larger reflection of Israel-Palestine. Perhaps the
crisis between Israel and Palestine should be a prophetic warning to
Humanity (on how NOT to resolve our disputes).

I think that it is quite possible now that...

1) Another nation (such as India, Pakistan, or North Korea) will follow the
example of the Bush administration and will launch a pre-emptive strike
against its neighbour based on their perception of a 'possible' (but
un-proven) threat.

2) Smaller groups of people 'extremely' polarised against the ideals and/or
methods of the Coalition will retaliate with force against them.


-Patrick Mulcahy (CosmoCycles)


A Statement on Disciplic Orientation in the Present Conflict

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the World Wide Esoteric Group,

I have written a short letter to the 28 Rules Group which I would like to
share with you as it expresses my 'position' in relation to the present
conflict and the role of the disiciple or discipleship group in relation to

Let us all stand firm for the principles inculcated within us by the Christ
and Hierarchy.

With love and many blessings to all,

Michael Robbins

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We are living in times in which all disciples and disicpleship groups must
align with that Entity known as the Spirit of Peace--a Being Who works in the
closest cooperation with Shamballa.

We do not really understand what peace is. Perhaps only Shamballa truly
understands it. But it will and must have its reflection in the life of

That a true peace should come to the world in the 21st century is the
objective of Hierarchy and of the disciples who cooperate with the
Brotherhood. That firm and even drastic action may at times be needed to
ensure that peace is also evident.

The Soul of Humanity is *one soul*. In human conflicts, personalities take
sides (and often it is their duty to do so). The Hierarchy took sides in the
Second World War because the future of Humanity and the planet were at stake.
One day soon, however, there will be a new *position* possible, and it will
be a position *for* Humanity *as a whole*. This position will be devoid of
all partisanship. It will represent the advocacy of human and planetary

Now we live in a new century. The forces of darkness are still strong and,
truth be told, within every one of us--for is there anything we are not?
These forces must be rooted out defeated with all the skill at our disposal.
They will not be defeated by merely obvious and crude measures. Much
psychological sophistication will be needed to find our own shadow and cease
projecting it. This is true of both individuals, groups and nations.

It is Humanity which must be the victor in all human processes and conflicts.
Interplay between nations (whether friendly or hostile) must at length serve
the emergence of the One Soul of Humanity.

When I think of the present conflict and what it could represent in the World
Process at a time when a religious world war *must* be avoided at all costs,
I find no statement more fitting for contemplation than the Mantram of

"The sons of men are one, and I am one with them.
I seek to love, not hate;
I seek to serve and not exact due service;
I seek to heal, not hurt.

Let pain bring due reward of light and love.
Let the soul control the outer form,
And life, and all events,
And bring to light the Love
That underlies the happenings of the time.

Let vision come and insight.
Let the future stand revealed.
Let inner union demonstrate and outer cleavages be gone.
Let love prevail.
Let all men love."

Let us use this mantram purposefully and effectively.

The Shamballa Impact of the year 2000 is at work. We are told that its
repercussions will be less destructive this time, but there still will
necessarily be destruction. Let us so strive that in our lives that which
inhibits the full love of Humanity is destroyed. That that which dims the
Light of the Soul is destroyed. That that which prevents us from willing as
our Inner God wills is destroyed.

Let us hold together (through all trials, vicissitudes, and mistakes arising
from ignorance) the vision of the One Soul of Humanity which will and must be
the final victor.

In the 28 Rules Group we are working for the emergence of that Soul.
Convinced of the value of our enterprise, let us persist in this good work,
knowing that a new and better civilization is on its way, and that we are
making our humble contribution to its manifestation.

With love to all,

Michael Robbins (COSMO CYCLES)


Spirit of Peace



Dear Brothers,

I am just picking up on M.'s inspirational and timely sounding of the note
of the evocation of the Spirit of Peace with this brief compilation from DK
on the theme of the extra-planetary Avatar.

with the will-to-good,

Stephen Pugh ( COSMO CYCLES)

Let the Spirit of Peace be spread abroad

*Intermediary - Shamballa. Spiritual consciousness
*Agent - The Christ
*Expression - The will of God as love and peace. Sentient response.
*Planes of emphasis - The logoic or first plane. The buddhic, or intuitional
plane. The astral or emotional plane.
*Focal point - The heart center
*Planetary center - Shamballa [EXH164]

The Spirit of Peace will, when the right time comes, vitalize the
responsiveness of humanity, via the influence of the Hierarchy, to the will
of God which has for basic intent the bringing of peace on earth. What is
peace? It is essentially the establishing of right human relations, of
synthetic rapport with its resultant cooperation, of correct interplay
between the three planetary centers and an illumined, loving understanding
of the will of God as it affects humanity and works out divine intent. It is
for this reason that the Christ, Who established for the first time in
planetary history a [EXH162] contact between the Hierarchy, Humanity,
Shamballa and the Spirit of Peace in His Own high place, in His first
recorded utterance said that He must be about His Father's business and then
at the end of His life, reiterated the same thought in the words: "Father,
not my will but Thine be done," thus carrying the thought up to the highest
plane for He addressed the Father, the first Aspect of Divinity. He then
focused in Himself the two major divine attributes and aspects - will and
love (atma-buddhi) - and because of this, His consciousness became
extra-planetary as is the consciousness of the Lord of the World, and He
could then touch certain heights of awareness and contact certain solar
Agencies which had never before been contacted by man. This achievement
enabled Him to put Humanity in touch with the Spirit of Peace. He thus
Himself became the Light of the World and the Prince of Peace. (EXH162)

If this Great Invocation which we are studying can be rightly said, the
three great planetary centers can be related in a similar manner. The Lord
of Civilization, the Master R -, representing humanity, the Christ
representing the Hierarchy and the Lord of the World, linked through the
Manu and representing Shamballa can be brought into a close relation so that
the result will be the setting up of such a potent vibration and note that
the Spirit of Peace will be invoked and contacted. By the voiced appeal His
attention will be forced to turn itself towards our planet. The consequences
will be significant and potent but as to the form which they [EXH161] will
take it is impossible for me to say. Perhaps it will lead to some peculiar
and powerful demonstration of the meaning of peace as the expression of
universal and planetary love; perhaps it will produce the sending of an
Avatar or Messenger of Peace to lead the nations to right action; perhaps
some happening will take place of such significance that its import will be
immediately recognized by humanity as a whole, leading them to take all the
needed steps to restore right human relations. The nature of the activities
which the Spirit of Peace will institute is not our responsibility. Our duty
is to learn rightly to contact the Hierarchy, via our own souls; rightly to
use the Great Invocation as souls, and rightly to render ourselves
responsive to and sensitive to the resultant effects. Ponder on the above.
The Christ, the embodiment of the love and the will of God and the agent of
the Spirit of Peace, can also be contacted and humanity can be trained to
appropriate this extra-planetary type of energy. [EXH163]

The Spirit of Peace Who is invoked in the second phrase, Let the Spirit of
Peace be spread abroad, is that mysterious and divine Entity with Whom the
Christ came into touch and Whose influence played through Him at the time
that He earned the right to be called the "Prince of Peace." (EXH159) The
Spirit of Peace which is invoked is an interplanetary Agent of great power
Whose cooperation has been promised if all aspirants and disciples can
cooperate to break through the shell of separation and hatred which holds
our planet in thrall. (EXH25) Peace will be the result of understanding and
sharing, and not the origin of them, as the pacifists so often imply. (EA98)
The people in the world today are coming to realize (through suffering and
its consequent reflection) that there is something greater than peace and
that is the good of the whole, and not just individual, peaceful conditions
or national peace. It is for this reason that the use of the second part of
[EA572] the Great Invocation was relatively limited. It was repudiated
(almost violently sometimes) by the emotional type of person who could see
no further than the beauty of peace - the goal of expression upon the astral
plane. Their vision of the greater whole and of the evocation of the
will-to-good (which is not the will-to-peace) was exceedingly limited and
this through no fault of their own. It simply indicated their place upon the
ladder of evolution and marked a relatively useful point of service, but one
which is in process of being transcended. This reorientation of the human
consciousness is brought about by the determined attitude of the souls of
men, massed and blended, organized and focused by the vision of the general
welfare of humanity.

It was, however, essential that these distinctions in attitude should appear
in their clarity and, therefore, we gave out the two stanzas of the Great
Invocation separately and at different times. You learnt thereby the
difference of attitude between the mass of well-meaning people in the world,
and the correctly oriented attitudes of the intelligent aspirants and
disciples. This was necessary before wider action could later take place. I
would pause here and remind you that both groups are necessary: the first
group - emotional and idealistic - have a part to play in focusing the mass
fluid aspiration. Their responsibility is to the general public. The other
group of trained thinkers and people who are animated primarily by the
will-to-good (which is of more importance in this world cycle than the
will-to-peace) have a function to carry out in evoking hierarchical response
in [EA573] reply to the aspiration of the first group. They focus this
aspiration on the mental plane, create a thought-form embodying the
objective and project the "call" which may reach the ears of the Lords of

The blended invocation and the united call from the different levels of the
human consciousness will bring a mighty appeal to bear upon the hidden
Centers of the "Saving Force." It is this united appeal which you must now
organize. Thus the mass of humanity will be stimulated to move off the
Mutable Cross on to the Fixed Cross and the new world cycle, beginning in
Aquarius (one arm of the Fixed Cross) will be definitely inaugurated by
humanity itself.

More upon this subject I may not give to you, nor will it profit for me to
enlarge upon the conditions which emerge in the consciousness of the
initiate upon the Cardinal Cross. My words would be meaningless. Most of you
are in the transition state wherein you are stabilizing your individual
will, and are attempting increasingly to express it in the will-to-good. I
would have you deeply realize that if the will-to-peace is conditioning you,
then you are still working on emotional levels and your work will then have
to be with the first stanza of the Great Invocation and with its
distribution to the masses. If it is the will-to-good which influences and
directs you, then to the awakening of mass aspiration you must add the task
of evoking the response to world need in the thinkers and aspirants through
the medium of the second stanza, blending the two approaches in an effort to
evoke - via the Hierarchy - the will-to-save of Shamballa. [EA579]

May I therefore close with these simple words: Please give us your aid, my
brothers. (the Tibetan)



Dear friend,

I'm writing to ask you to join me in signing a Citizens'
Declaration reaffirming our commitment to international

The outbreak of war is not the end of the fight for
peace -- only the beginning. Around the globe, people
are joining together in the declaration below. We will
be announcing it in a press conference on Friday, and
we need your help to make it as big as possible.

Signing up will only take a minute of your time, but it'll
send a message that the momentum built through our opposition
to war in Iraq will only keep growing.

You can sign up at:

Here's the text of the Declaration:



As a US-led invasion of Iraq begins,
we, the undersigned citizens of many countries,
reaffirm our commitment to addressing international
conflicts through the rule of law and the United Nations.

By joining together across countries and continents,
we have emerged as a new force for peace.
As we grieve for the victims of this war,
we pledge to redouble our efforts to put an end to the Bush
Administration's doctrine of pre-emptive attack and
the reckless use of military power.


Thank you.

-Susan Daphne ( International Institute)

Advice from His Holiness Penor Rinpoche

From: Palyul Ling
ibetan Buddhist Group

Advice from His Holiness Penor Rinpoche

Dear friends,

His Holiness Penor Rinpoche has given his students the following instructions. May all beings benefit!

"Always remember we are Buddhists and that we have to maintain a compassionate mind with no partiality towards one side or the other, for Iraq or America. Try to understand everything we experience in this lifetime is mainly based on our Karma, with the actions we take resulting from all of the causes and conditions we ourselves have created since beginning-less time. Even now we are collecting Karma together for the future.

I request all my dharma friends, students and devotees all over the world who are directly or indirectly connected to me, to come together in practicing and praying to Guru Rinpoche, dedicating merit and praying without partiality towards either Iraq or America. Both countries are having a difficult time now and must purify their Karma. Pray without partiality for all obstacles to be pacified for America and Iraq, for whatever friends and enemies we may have, and for ourselves and all motherly sentient beings.

I pray to the triple gems for peace and happiness in the world. I dedicate the merit I have accumulated in the three times to all the people who have died, will die or suffer from this war and all motherly sentient beings."

Let us all join together and pray by accumulating as many repetitions of the mantra of Guru Rinpoche as we can:


May all merit benefit all sentient beings without partiality!
March 19, 2003

Palyul International
South India

Phone: 011-91-8223-694-038
Web site:
E-mail: information@p...

The Jupiterian Ray

Hello Friends:


We  can read at ME about the Jupiterian Ray

 He would not harm a child and never gets angry on his own account but when moved to righteous indignation on account of the wrongs of others then he may be terrible in his wrath, yet he will never be cruel to the aggressor or the oppressor, but show mercy and kindness even to them as soon as they have been vanquished. Such is the pure Jupiterian, but of course he is very seldom found at the present time.."

I suppose this are high standards against which we could measure present realities.

May the roses bloom upon your crosses.

Jorge Rey

 .. Let us pray that peace may come upon earth; everlasting
peace, and good will among all men, irrespective of all differences
of race, creed, color, or religion. In the measure that we succeed in
voicing WITH OUR HEARTS, not with our lips only, this impersonal
prayer for peace, shall we further the Kingdom of Christ, for
remember that eventually that is where we are all bound for,--THE
KINGDOM OF THE HEAVENS where the Christ is "King of kings and Lord of
- Max Heindel

Message posted by Jorge Rey (ROSENET)


 PEACE by Elsa M. Glover