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       VIIth International Rosicrucian Max Heindel Meeting

                 in Europe from 31 july to 3 August 2003


Dear Friends,

In August 2002, many people came from France to the spanish Max Heindel Meeting. It was a rewarding and stimulating experience. At the time we agreed that the topic for the  next meeting woulb be:


                                               The mystic Weeding:

                    How to be in touch with the Spirit in the XXIst century?


To be consciously united with the triple Spirit is the main challenge of our century and is the basis of individual and collective psychology, philosophy, and modern research. We all strive towards this goal and we will be able to share our experience in the course of workshops and debates.

In anticipation of our future fellowship, we send our very  best wishes;

                            “ May the Roses bloom upon your Cross!”






(10 kilometres from Paris) Résidence Universitaire Lanteri 7 rue Gentil Bernard 

92260  Fontenay-aux-Roses  France




By international airport Charles de Gaulle ,inside the airport  take the RER (metro), line B and direction Robinson until Fontenay-aux-Roses.

Since Paris,RER,lineB, direction Robinson

By Roads, highway A6 direction Versailles,Antony, then highway A86 direction Chatenay ,lastly secondary road D67 toward Fontenay-aux-Roses.




---Workshops: (3 sessions on the Mystic Wedding). You will be able to choose: Philosophy, Bible, Astrology, Psychology or Sciences.

---Lectures and debates on physics, biology and symbolic architecture.

---An cultural drive to the cathedral of Chartres and its sacred labyrinth.

---An evening of music, poetry, song, tale ...

---Rosicrucian services led by every european nationality.














                                              REGISTRATION  CARD



Rates for one person and registration:

From 31 July afternoom to 3 August afternoom

[_] single room:              170 Euros

[_] double room:              140 Euros

[_] triple room:                125 Euros

and  a little money for a cultural visit ( less than 20 Euros)

It will be possible to come before the  meeting and stay a few days after the Reunion for

an extra payment.



Before the 30 of April 2003

Name: Mr-Ms ____________________________Surname_____________________________

Address _____________________________________________________________________

Tel. :_______________________ Fax:____________________ Mail:____________________

Number of persons:___________

I pay 50 Euros on account per head, that is in total:_______________________

regulation,only by international transfert ( International Bank Account Number, below)


Apply to:

Guy GERARD 19 Chemin de la Passe d’Armes  59700  Marcq en Baroeul  France

( e-mail : )


You speak:

French: [_]         English: [_]        Spanish: [_]        German: [_]

Other language: ________________________________________________________


Date: ________________                                               Signature:




LA  POSTE                                RIP.  RELEVE D’IDENTITE POSTAL


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  Etablissement  | Guichet| N° Compte     |Clé RIP|     LA POSTE

     20041            |  01005   |  0761333F026|    63     |    CENTRE FINANCIER DE LILLE

                                                                                  |     59900  LILLE CHEQUES France


IBAN Identifiant international de compte           |BIC Identifiant International de l’établissement

           International Bank Account Number        |         Bank Identifier Code                                  .

FR  |  32  |  20041  | 01005  | 0761333F026 |   63    |    PSSTFRPPLIL


Titulaire du compte    -      Account  owner          |-----Espace réservé au destinataire du relevé-----



 19 CHEMIN DE LA PASSE D’ARMES             |

           59700  MARCQ EN BAROEUL