World Peace Meditation


"We have the power within ourselves to hasten the day of peace, by talking, thinking, and living PEACE, for the concerted action of thousands of people does carry an impression to the Race Spirit when it is there directed, especially when the moon is in Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, which are the three great psychic signs best suited to occult work of this nature. Let us use the two and one-half days during which the moon is in each of these signs for the purpose of meditation upon peace--peace on earth and among men good will. But in so doing let us be sure that we DO NOT TAKE SIDES for or against any of the battling nations; let us remember at all times that everyone of their members is our brother. One is entitled to our love as much as another. Let us hold the thought that what we want is to see UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD lived upon earth, namely, peace on earth and among men good will regardless of whether the combatants were born on one side or the other of an imaginary line drawn upon the map, regardless of whether they express themselves in this, that, or the other tongue. Let us pray that peace may come upon earth; everlasting peace, and good will among all men, irrespective of all differences of race, creed, color, or religion. In the measure that we succeed in voicing WITH OUR HEARTS, not with our lips only, this impersonal prayer for peace, shall we further the Kingdom of Christ, for remember that eventually that is where we are all bound for,--THE KINGDOM OF THE HEAVENS where the Christ is "King of kings and Lord of lords."

There is only one force in the universe, namely, the Power of God,
which He sent forth through space in the form of a Word; not a single
word, but the Creative Fiat. This Creative Fiat by its sound
vibration marshaled the millions of chaotic atoms into many shapes
and forms, from starfish to star, from microbe to man; in fact, all
things that constitute and inhabit the universe. The syllables and
sounds of this Creative Word are being sent forth, one after another
through the ages. They create new species and evolve the older ones.
All this goes on according to the thought and plan conceived in the
Divine Mind before the dynamic force of creative energy was sent out
into the abyss of space.

God Is the only source of power, and in Him we really, truly, and
literally live and move and have our being. It was no mere poetic
sentiment when the Psalmist said: "Whither shall I go from Thy
spirit, or whither shall I flee from Thy presence? If I ascend up
into heaven, Thou art there. If I make my bed in the grave, behold,
Thou art there. If I take the wings of the morning and dwell in the
uttermost parts of the sea, even there shall Thy hand lead me and Thy
right hand shall hold me."

We all know the power of thought when directed to a given purpose,
and we thus can unite our thoughts with those of all peace lovers in
the following prayer:

"Our heavenly Father, according to Thy will,
may the Love-Wisdom Principle of Divine Power eradicate discord and
establish harmony and universal peace in the hearts and affairs of

If preferred, the Rosicrucian Fellowship Prayer may be used in
response form in the place of a silent concentration, or an oral
repetition of the Prayer may be given to break the silence if this
meditation is used by a group.

The Rosicrucian Fellowship Prayer

Not more of Light we ask, O God,
But eyes to see what is;
Not sweeter songs, but ears to hear
The present melodies;
Not greater strength, but how to use
The power that we possess;
Not more of love, but skill to turn
A frown to a caress;
Not more of joy, but how to feel
It kindling presence near,
To give to others all we have
Of courage and of cheer.
No other gift, dear God, we ask,
But only sense to see
How best the precious gifts to use
We have received from Thee.
Give us all fears to dominate,
All holy joys to know,
To be the friends we wish to be,
To speak the truth we know;
To love the pure, to seek the good,
To lift with all our might,
All souls to dwell in harmony
In Freedom's perfect light.



El Greco, Saint François d'Assise:


The Prayer of St. Francis


Lord, make me a channel of thy peace,


that where there is hatred, I may bring love;


that where there is wrong, I may bring the spirit of forgiveness;


that where there is discord, I may bring harmony;


that where there is error, I may bring truth;


that where there is doubt, I may bring faith;


that where there is despair, I may bring hope;


that where there are shadows, I may bring light;


that where there is sadness, I may bring joy.


Lord, grant that I may seek rather to comfort than to be comforted;


to understand, than to be understood;


to love, than to be loved.


For it is by self-forgetting that one finds.


It is by forgiving that one is forgiven.


It is by dying that one awakens to Eternal Life.

The Christ by El Greco







Janvier 6-7-16-17-25-26

Février 3- 4-12-13-14-21-22

Mars 2-3-12-13-20 -21-29-30

Avril 8-9-10-17-18-25-26-27

Mai 5-6-7-14-15-23-24

Juin 2-3-11-12-19-20-29-30

Juillet 8-9-16-17-18-26-27-28

Août 4-5-13-14-23-24-31

Septembre 1-9-10-19-20-28-29

Octobre 6-7-8-16-17-18-25-26

Novembre 3- 4-12-13-14-22-23-30

Décembre 1-10-11-19-20-27-28



Janvier 6-7-15-16-24-25

Février 2-3- 4-12-13-20-21

Mars 1-2-10-11-18-19-20-28-29

Avril 6-7-15-16-24-25-26

Mai 4-5-12-13-22-23-31

Juin 1-8-9-18-19-27-28

Juillet 5-6-7-15-16-17-25-26

Août 2-3-11-12-13-21-22-29-30

Septembre 8-9-17-18-26-27

Octobre 5-6-7-14-15-16-23-24

Novembre 1-2-3-11-12-19-20 -29-30

Décembre 8-9-16-17-18-26-27



Janvier 5-6-13-14-22-23-24

Février 1-2-9-10-18-19-20-28

Mars 1-9-10-18-19-27-28-29

Avril 5-6-14-15-16-24-25

Mai 2-3-11-12-13-21-22-30-31

Juin 8-9-18-19-26-27

Juillet 5-6-7-15-16-23-24

Août 1-2-3-11-12-13-20-21-29-30

Septembre 7-8-9-16-17-25-26

Octobre 5-6-13-14-15-22-23-24

Novembre 1-2-10-11-19-20-28-29-30

Décembre 7-8-16-17-26-27



Janvier 3- 4-12-13-14-22-23-31

Février 1-8-9-10-18-19-20-27-28

Mars 8-9-18-19-27-28

Avril 4-5-14-15-23-24

Mai 1-2-3-11-12-13-20-21-29-30

Juin 8-9-16-17-18-25-26

Juillet 5-6-14-15-22-23-24

Août 1-2-3-10-11-19-20-29-30

Septembre 7-8-15-16-25-26

Octobre 4-5-12-13-22-23-24-31

Novembre 1-9-10-18-19-20-28-29

Décembre 6-7-16-17-25-26



Janvier 2-3- 4-12-13-21-22-30-31

Février 8-9-10-17-18-19-26-27

Mars 8-9-17-18-25-26

Avril 4-5-13-14-21-22-23

Mai 1-2-3-11-12-19-20-28-29-30

Juin 7-8-15-16-25-26

Juillet 4-5-13-14-22-23-31

Août 1-2-9-10-18-19-20-28-29

Septembre 5-6-15-16-24-25

Octobre 2-3- 4-12-13-14-22-23-30-31

Novembre 8-9-10-18-19-26-27

Décembre 5-6-7-15-16-17-24-25



Janvier 2-3-12-13-20-21-29-30-31

Février 8-9-16-17-18-25-26-27

Mars 6-7-15-16-24-25

Avril 3- 4-11-12-20-21-22-30

Mai 1-8-9-17-18-19-27-28-29

Juin 5-6-14-15-24-25

Juillet 2-3-11-12-21-22-29-30

Août 7-8-9-17-18-26-27

Septembre 4-5-13-14-15-22-23

Octobre 1-2-11-12-19-20-28-29-30

Novembre 7-8-16-17-25-26

Déc embre 4-5-6-13-14-22-23



Janvier 1-2-9-10-18-19-28-29

Février 6-7-14-15-16-24-25-26

Mars 5-6-14-15-24-25

Avril 1-2-3-10-11-20-21-29-30

Mai 7-8-9-17-18-19-26-27

Juin 4-5-14-15-22-23

Juillet 1-2-11-12-20-21-28-29-30

Août 7-8-9-16-17-25-26

Septembre 3- 4-5-13-14-21-22

Octobre 1-2-10-11-18-19-20-28-29

Novembre 6-7-15-16-24-25-26

Décembre 3- 4-12-13-22-23-31





World  Peace Meditation International Edition


 PEACE by Elsa M. Glover